Change Log

Entry Two

Added New Loader, June 11, 2019

Added a new loader to take space while pages load.

Added "Already a Member? Login Here!" to register page.

We are officially on website version 1.2.9!!

Fixed text-color render sitewide.

Compressed CSS files for quicker load times.

A few days ago we also added our first Mod Installer for 7 Days To Die.


Entry One

Fixed MANY issues, April 11, 2019

I added a new changelog page, well, this page...

Fixed a MAJOR bug with cookie saving and session expiration, sessions currently set to one week but this may increase.

We are officially on website version 1.2.0!!

Added an about app page to seperate the about us and app info pages.

Started adding onto the stream page, fixing some CSS on the ideas pages.